Received and sent messages


Our system has an integrated messaging system. A historic of all messages are kept.

The individual messages can be opened simply by clicking on the underlined subject. The shown messages can be sorted by different criteria by simply clicking on the desired underlined column header.

To further assist the user there is a Search Box at the botton of the screen. This Search Box can be used to find a phrase, word or partial text throughout the stored messages. To narrow down the search, a criteria can be selected in the dropdown box next to the “In:” field (default to search in “All” fields of messages). The search will start after the user clicks on the Search button.

Additionally, if the list of messages shown doesn’t fit on one screen, the options of Next Page and Last Page will appear under the bottom right side of the box, allowing for easy navigation through the pages. To further ease navigation, under the bottom left side of the box, the “Jump to page:” option is shown; it allows the user to enter the exact page number he wishes to navigate to.


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