Transfer Between Different Currencies Accounts


Transfer Between Different Currencies Accounts

The process is the same as the Transfer between accounts with a fundamental difference. Both account use different currencies, therefore a exchange rate is applied.

The field Amount to Transfer in the section Transfer Details use the currency used in the Debit from Account.

How to get there:

Menu Transfers > Transfers Between Different Currencies Accounts

This screen allows you to make an transfer from one of your active accounts in the system to any other of your active accounts.

To transfer funds between your accounts, you must fill out all the information requested. The Debit from Account field should be the first field to choose, and a specific account has to be chosen from the drop down list next to it. Once an account has been selected, some details of the account will be shown next to it for confirmation purposes.

Beneath, the Credit to Account will also have a drop down menu showing all of yours other accounts. Next, an empty Amount field will allow you to fill in the amount you wish to transfer between your accounts.

Finally, a Continue button will verify the information and generate a summary window of the transaction for final verification by the user. The Cancel button allows the user to return to the previous screen.

Next a full summary of the transaction.

Summary of transfer confirmation.


This screen shows a summary of the previous transaction for final reviewing and approval by clicking Submit. After Submit  request is sent to the system for the transaction to take place, in which case the amount of the transfer is frozen in the account until the system executes the request. When frozen, the amount is taken from the available balance, but left in the current balance. The system will generate the transaction once the funds are actually transferred, and the amount will be taken off the current balance as well. The Back button allows the user to return to the previous screen to alter the transaction information if needed or to cancel the request.


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