Transfer to Another User


Transfer to Another User’s Account

This process allows you to make a transfer from one of your active accounts within the Payxpress to any account of a different user within the Payxpress system. This transfer might have restrictions.

To transfer funds, the you must fill out all the information requested in the form.

The Debit from Account field is the first field to select, choosing a specific account from the drop down list next to it. Once an account has been selected, some details will be shown next to it for confirmation purposes.

Beneath, the Credit to Account. The Payee Username has to be entered. Make sure the name matches exactly the intended person.

Below that, an empty Amount field allow you to fill in the amount you wish to transfer. Under that, a Description field allows the user to set his own description for the transaction. This description will be shown to the receiving user.

The Security Key field has to be filled in order to complete the transaction. The user may type the numbers directly in the empty field using his keyboard, or for added security, use the visual images right next to it to fill in field by clicking on each corresponding image. For security purposes the actual numbers being filled in the field will be masked by stars.

Note: This key was provided to the you the first time you logged into the Payxpress admin panel in the form of a internal message.

The Template Manager is a very handy tool to save a copy of the filled out form for later reuse. This is useful for frequent or regular transfers. You may save the template with a unique and descriptive name by filling in the “Template Name” field and checking the box next to “Save Template”, at the bottom of the screen. Once a template has been saved it can be loaded, the next time this transfer type is opened, by selecting it from the drop down list at the top of the screen next to “Template:” and then clicking the Load button next to it.

Finally, below the bottom right side of the box, a Continue button will verify the information and generate a summary window of the transaction for final verification by the user.  The Cancel button allows the user to return to the previous screen.

Transfer to Another User’s Account Confirmation

This screen shows a summary of the previous transaction for final reviewing and approval by clicking Submit.

After Submit is selected the request is sent to the system to be executed, in which case the amount of the transfer is frozen in the account until the system executes the request. When frozen, the amount is taken from the available balance, but left in the current balance. The system will generate the transaction once the funds are actually transferred, and the amount will be taken off the current balance as well.

The Back button allows the user to return to the previous screen to alter the form if needed or to cancel the request.


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